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Filedokuwiki.php         [source] [181 lines]   This is DokuWiki's Main Configuration file
Filelicense.php          [source] [38 lines]    This file defines multiple available licenses you can license your wiki contents under. Do not change this file, but create a license.local.php instead.
Filemediameta.php        [source] [91 lines]    This configures which metadata will be editable through the media manager. Each field of the array is an array with the following contents: fieldname - Where data will be saved (EXIF or IPTC field) label - key to lookup in the $lang var, if not found printed as is htmltype - 'text', 'textarea' or 'date' lookups - array additional fields to look up the data (EXIF or IPTC fields)
Fileplugins.php          [source] [6 lines]     This file configures the default states of available plugins. All settings in the plugins.*.php files will override those here.
Fileplugins.required.php [source] [12 lines]    This file configures the enabled/disabled status of plugins, which are also protected from changes by the extension manager. These settings will override any local settings. It is not recommended to change this file, as it is overwritten on DokuWiki upgrades.